Nostalgia Project

What types of food make you feel nostalgic? Were they homemade or were they out of a box or tin? This nostalgic project has got to be one of my favorite shoots to style. Not because of what the product looks like but the challenge of elevating it into something else. 

The inspiration of this project came from a few places. A can of spam that I had laying around and made for lunch. Homemade ramen that I've made for dinner. And a recipe from Richard Blais' cook book that served a dish in a tin can. The whole idea of this project was to use canned or packaged products that are iconic and make an elevated recipe out of it. 

Spam Fried Rice for Lunch 

Spam Fried Rice for Lunch 

Homemade Ramen for dinner

Richard Blais' Try This At Home


Collaborating with Pornchai Mittongtare ( to do this project was an easy one. As Pornchai had been wanting to shoot something with spam as well. The direction we went with was to highlight each product and light it beautifully while show casing the food.